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Interview with Legends Cup winner and GM, Mat!

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Interview with Legends Cup winner and GM, Mat!

Post by Superhotglue on Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:48 pm

Interview with @Mat

We had some time to ask the Chicago Blackhawk's GM, @Mat, a few questions about winning the Legends Cup, read below!

1. Congrats, your team is the Legends Cup champions! How does it feel?

It feels amazing. About a year back, I was Colorado season 2 behind Lucic, Bojarzin, Keip and Savenor. After being down 3-0, we came back to win game 4 and force another day. Since that moment, I've felt the need to win that championship. Being one win away from it last year was heartbreaking, but in the end we didn't deserve it. Toronto played amazingly, and a few more bounces their way and they could have won the cup. Everyone on our team played the Hockey? of their lives and I'm glad we could pull it off.

2. The Toronto Maple Leafs put up a battle, forcing you to play all the way to game 7, any thoughts on the Maple Leafs team?

They are a ridiculous team. They earned that #1 seed coming in the playoffs and they showed it. I won't lie, knowing that they came back from 3-1  deficit to Boston, I was pretty scared when they forced that game 7. They deserved the cup just as much as we did. KS Otto and MrTb123 made some of the best plays I've ever seen and the kBomb + GoLeafsGo combination in the back played phenomenally. As I said before, if they had a few more bounces happen in their favour, the cup would have been theirs. Every game that was won was deserved. I'm glad we could face someone like them in the finals.

3. Your team had some trouble early on in the season due to attendance issues, how did you manage to turn a team most considered pretty much of no concern, into a cup winning team?

It was honestly the entire teams play. After a great last push into the playoffs, everyone stepped up. Dick Doug was ridiculous on D, Norse/Ace came out of no where. He was one of the best steals of the draft last season. Not to mention Dalfan, who should have won the playoff MVP. He absolutely, thoroughly carried us throughout the playoffs. People like to say that I brought the team to victory, but everyone on the team had equal share in the victory. I'm glad I had the team that I did, and I wouldn't trade last season in a heartbeat. Lots of memories, lots of bare nips in game. Love 'em all.

We'd like to thank @Mat for taking the time to answer these questions and congratulations once again to the S4 LHL Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks!
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